When winter starts drawing near, chances are that most gardening activities will be placed on hold. Winter is a time of the year that can be cold, long and harsh and have adverse effects on your shed. This is why it’s crucial that you take the proper steps needed to ensure that you properly prepare for winter. Here are the top four tips to allow you to extend the life of your shed and also, protect the valuables in your storage shed.

1. Thoroughly Inspect Your Shed

Before closing your shed up for winter, make sure that you thoroughly inspect it. Are there any repairs that must be done? This is especially important is you have a wooden shed being as wood can be particularly vulnerable when in wet conditions. If your garden shed is a bit old, make sure to give it a good coat of paint. A roof that is weak can easily collapse under the weight of snow, so be sure to examine it thoroughly and repair or even replace if necessary.

2. Properly Secure Your Shed

A winter shed that is left unattended over a long period of time becomes more susceptible to burglary. Place secure locks to guarantee that it is properly secured. Windows are another potential and even popular entry point for burglars as well, so make sure that they too are properly secured. If you’re interested in a higher tech approach which can be a very good idea, you can consider investing in lighting, a security camera and even an alarm.

3. Clean Your Shed Out

Perhaps there is some junk and debris piling up in your shed. If so, then cleaning it all out before winter sets in is a good choice. Not only is this an aesthetic benefit, it is also a sanitary one. Bacteria and rodents are attracted to debris and both can be very bad for a shed especially if it is made of wood. Over the winter season, old tools can rot. If you are not planning on restoring them and keeping them, then it is best to get rid of them before winter and avoid them rotting and attracting bacteria or rodents.

4. Inspect All the Weather-stripping

Checking the weather-stripping found around all doors and windows is of extreme importance. If the weather-stripping you have is good, most of the moisture will properly be kept out of your shed. This is not something that you want to neglect as it can save you quite a bit of unnecessary expense in the future.

Caring for your storage shed is something that will save you unnecessary trouble when spring comes. If you do not have the time or feel you lack the experience to thoroughly prepare your shed for winter, it is recommended that you hire a professional to help.