Things To Consider When Deciding To Refinish Or Replace Hardwood Flooring

The good news is that if you have hardwood flooring, in most cases, it can be refinished. Unless the wood has been damaged from sanding too many times or if there is extreme movement in between the boards, you can get your floor refinished, which is a lot less expensive than the alternative of replacing it. The bonus is that you already know that the wood grain and species of wood suits your home and decor. After many years of use, the wear and tear does a number on them. Yet, it is still a big decision to decide if you would rather replace or simply refinish your floors.

Is The Price Right?

Hardwood FlooringWhen considering the price of flooring, it is the labor and the cost of the materials. Consider that harvesting new trees requires many natural resources, from the fuel and human capital to chop down a tree to the processing and shipping of logs from the forest to the factory to a local lumber yard.

The companies that sell the wood, likewise, have to market their products and pay people to handle everything from invoicing to cleaning the office. You pay for all of that when you order new floors. It costs more now than ever to buy flooring because the cost of everything from resources to salaries and labor continues to go up. The cost of professional installation by a trustworthy company is tacked onto all of these other expenses. All of these costs are the reason that many people revisit the option to refinish their floors.

Refinishing floors costs much less than buying new wood flooring. It will definitely involve having the flooring contractor in your house for a much longer period of time. In addition, there is nothing you can do about the dust and fumes from the lacquer.

In the case of new flooring, dust is comparatively minimized. In addition, fumes may be unheard of with a new installation because pre-finished flooring is an option. One way many homeowners attack this project is by doing it themselves. This allows them to prevent strangers from being in their home on the many occasions it would take to complete a refinishing job. It also gives homeowners the power to perform the work at intervals that could minimize dust and fumes exposure to the whole household.

The Project Schedule

White empty simple old kitchen room with pastel blue ceiling and hardwood flooring. Refinishing a floor involves many steps that make it time-consuming when compared to installing new floors. From the preparations, multiple sweeps of the sander with different types of sandpaper to equipment rentals, vacuuming and lacquering, it is a job for patient people. If you have trouble watching a pot boil or watching paint dry, then this job will challenge you at the very core. It turns out there are many steps where you will have to simply wait for the next finish to dry. It is also very challenging for the whole household who cannot use the floors that are being refinished for the duration of the whole project.

Replacing flooring by comparison is faster. Even if you account for rebuilding of the subfloor or making repairs and removing the old flooring, it is much faster usually to replace the floor than to refinish it. In particular, if you take into account having a professional team that is known for doing a great job both quickly and efficiently, then you will have use of your floor much sooner when you purchase a new floor.

Is It Adding To The Value Of Your Home?

When you are replacing flooring or refinishing the wood, make sure that you maximize the potential for return on your money. For instance, if oak adds the greatest value, as long as it is in a traditional color (not painted bubble gum pink), you will, more than likely, boost your home’s value. What you may not know is that tackling a refinishing project delivers three times the payoff of the cost. That’s fantastic considering that it also costs a lot less than buying a new floor. If you replace the flooring entirely, you will realize a lower return on investment of only little more than two times your cost to replace the flooring with new materials.

Deciding whether to replace or refinish flooring is a big one. By taking the cost, the time and the return on investment into consideration, you can decide what makes the most sense for your particular home and needs.