Why Refinishing or Reglazing Your Bathtub Is The Better Choice

No matter how high quality a bathtub is, it is inevitable that it will one day begin to fail. Bathtubs are a part of the home that sees near constant use and over time, they begin to show signs of their daily wear. Permanent stains form, chips happen and the shiny finish that imbues them with that classic porcelain look starts to become dull. In this way, a bathtub that was once attractive and hygienic looking can start to be a major eyesore.

old fashioned luxirious golden bath tub in a bathroomWhen bathtubs begin to fail, the first impulse many people have is to replace the tub altogether. The problem with this line of thinking is that buying a new bathtub every time any sort of wear starts to show is an expensive and ultimately, wasteful habit. Despite its outer appearance, a bathtub with water stains and a few surface cracks or chips is still perfectly functional in every way. The superficial damage is just that, entirely on the surface.

Fortunately, there’s a way to rejuvenate the appearance of a bathtub without having to buy and install a new unit. Refinishing and reglazing processes utilize a two step process to make an old tub look brand new again. This procedure is effective, time efficient and has the potential to save you money in the following ways:

1. Increases Lifespan

When the coating of a bathtub begins to wear away and crack, the damage can quickly cost the tub its ability to retain water effectively. This means that the appearance of visible damage on a tub’s surface often signals the fact that a quick and merciless drop in the bathtub’s functionality is swiftly forthcoming.

An old claw foot bathtub in an old broken down house.Refinishing a bathtub essentially halts this process by applying an all new waterproof coating. This coating is generally made of a synthetic material like acrylic, which is bonded to the original surface of the tub by a solid bonding agent. Using this process to refinish a bathtub ensures that no bubbles or gaps between the coating and tub surface will form, which helps to guarantee that the tub continue to be water tight for years to come. The synthetic coating is flexible and resilient, which enables it to extend the lifespan of a tub by a significant number of years.

2. Revives Style

Sometimes, a tub becomes an eyesore not because it gets damaged or worn out, but because the progress of style has proven unfriendly to the tub’s design. This leaves homeowners with a bit of a quandary: what do you do if a tub is still functional, but looks about as fresh as a fossil?

Tub refinishing provides an elegant and cost effective solution to this problem. Tub coatings come in a wide variety of different colors, patterns, and finishes. This means that even the oldest and least stylish of bathtubs can be given new life and made to look perfectly up to date.

Luxury white flat rim roll top clawfoot bathtub isolated against a white background3. No Need for Removal

Finally, replacing a tub altogether often presents a surprising challenge when the homeowner has to remove the original unit. Those who live in smaller homes or apartments will often find that due to changes in the building’s layout or structure, bathtubs have great difficulty getting out the way that they were brought in. Homeowners may have to hire movers or contractors in order to dispatch the unit or get the tub out the door. This represents a considerable excess cost.

In short, refinishing or reglazing a tub allows homeowners to revive their bathrooms at just a fraction of a new bathtub’s cost. This quality, combined with the fact that it can be completed in a very short span of time makes it a very desirable option for tubs that are looking less than perfect.